Very good week

Yep. I've had a very good week.

Just thought I'd share that with all you peeps.

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Just been home

Just returned from a 20 hour fieldtrip back home. Wallet found, fed and watered, 'rents happy, got to sleep BEFORE MIDNIGHT, (was) awoke(n) BEFORE DOUBLE FIGURES - and came back to cleaner house, and I've been thinking its Wednesday all day - woohoo!

On with the essays. Grumble mumble.

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Getting a bit worried now. Megan "Tectonic" Shute, last known to be travelling in the direction of Malasia for some debating IV, hasn't answered my email I sent two days ago to say she's ok.

Kirsten, who was in the Thailand stage of her world tour, is ok. I found this out thanks to a 50 minute conversation with Rich Angell. He's got some very good ideas, and then some less good ideas, and I still think he doesn't like me.

Any good arguments about prerogative powers both generally and specific to the UK would be much appreciated.

Christmas was good, no family fireworks, a nice and boring time. It did snow though and stayed settled for three days. Got some kitchen gadgets for my housemates to break, a biography of Spike Milligan (like I don't have enough reading to do), an all-the-stops new wireless keyb & mouse from the brother, a nice shirt and tie, some celebrations that Greg has eaten his way through, some lavender oil which has helped the sleep, some fridge poetry words, a global jigsaw, and some carrots. Oh no sorry, the carrots were for the dog.

I have lost my wallet. Last seen on Chrimbo eve. No one is trying to use the cards, so its not stolen, but it's somewhere, and its a bloody nusiance not knowing where it is.

On the good side, Emmas glasses have turned up. They may have been in the car all along.

Need to work more, scrub that, need to work, but need to chill out too. I order my housemates to freely cut the power to my PC anytime they hear me playing Warcraft III.
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